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Gascon has been built one business relationship at a time and one success at a time. Discover a firm with 40-year reputation for excellence in both its legal strategies and the engagement it brings to client relations. Here you’ll find a team of top lawyers and notaries who commit themselves to the success of each and every client with enthusiasm, dedication and openness.

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We are often entrusted with mandates that mark a major turning point for an organization or team. That’s why we consider it vital to offer you unparalleled quality of service by enabling you to draw on our unique synergy of expertise. Our global perspective on law and business will propel you forward.


We are people of action, conviction and solutions. Every day, we pool our expertise to provide you with comprehensive legal intelligence in several fields of specialization.


We are attentive, conscientious and engaged. We mean what we say. We have the strength to listen and the courage to speak. We are committed to building a rich, motivating and lasting business relationship with you.


You know your business, we know law. And we turn this knowledge into a strategic tool to help your business develop, grow and compete within your market.

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A legal asset for start-ups

We are steadfast coaches, facilitators and business partners, and we are driven by your start-up ambitions and projects. We collaborate in the truest sense of the word—through listening, engagement, respect, intelligence, reliability and support.

Together we will identify informed, adapted and scalable legal solutions to help you launch and build a thriving business we can both be proud of.

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Impact on real estate developers of the divided co-ownership legislation reform in Québec: review and analysis

Bill 161 which was adopted by the National Assembly of Québec in December 2019 (the “Bill”) will substantially modify the legislative framework applicable to divided co-ownership in Québec. This initiative, which was undertaken in…


On October 30, 2019, in Restaurant Canada v. Ville de Montréal1, the Québec Superior Court dismissed an application for judicial review by Restaurant Canada, an association of restaurateurs (the “Association”) supported by member franchisors…
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Sale of a company for $3.7 million

Gascon’s litigation team, led by Alexandre Béchard, counselled the founding shareholder of an insurance company in the sale of his shares to a buyer in the Maritimes. Alexandre Béchard represented the seller in the negotiation and drafted…