On May 13, 2019, the Québec Minister of Finance announced various measures designed to counter aggressive tax planning as part of its Tax Fairness Action Plan.

Residential landlords are obligated by the Civil Code of Québec and the Act respecting the Régie du logement to respect several public policy provisions regarding residential leases.

Gascon would like to congratulate Devimco Immobilier, a leader in real estate development in Montréal, for the acquisition of the building located in the iconic neighbourhood of the Golden Square Mile in Montréal, where the prestigious MAA Sports Club is established. Devimco Immobilier intends to build a major real estate project located on Peel Street […]

Our firm is proud to announce that its real estate team, led by Nicolas Beaulieu and Émilie Therrien, had the privilege to assist and advise the owner of 1230 Mansfield Street, a landmark building housing the Mansfield Athletic Club in the heart of Downtown Montreal, in the negotiation of the offer to purchase and the […]

This article addresses various practical aspects of commercial leases. We will summarize good practices to adopt on the following topics: the offer to lease, premises and additional rent, insolvency and bankruptcy of a tenant, and tools to guarantee the performance of a tenant’s obligations. The Offer to Lease The offer can take the form of […]

There are so many ways to sign a contract today that you can get lost in the digital shuffle. The original handwritten signature on paper is only one way to consent in writing to a contract. There are other forms of “signatures”, all of which may be valid on technology-based documents, and all of which […]