Data processing and the ensuing need for efficient and secure storage solutions are at the center of most organizations’ business and as a result, the presence of data centers is expected to increase considerably in the coming years. Clients generally use data center services in any of the following manners: i) by concluding a turnkey […]

On September 5, 2019, in 6362222 Canada Inc. v. Prelco Inc., the Québec Court of Appeal ruled on the validity of a limitation of liability clause in the context where there is a breach of an essential obligation of the contract. This article summarizes the conclusions of the Court of Appeal on this matter. Facts […]

The Province of Québec has recently seen an increase in the presence of data center providers. This burgeoning market can be associated with Québec’s many advantages including, but not limited to, affordable and dependable energy sources and its cooler climate. In addition, Montréal’s global reputation in the field of artificial intelligence is no stranger to […]