Gascon is proud to act as legal counsel to the real estate developer Services Immobiliers First as part of a major project known as “Humano District”, to be located on Galt Street West in the City of Sherbrooke. As such, Gascon’s real estate team, led by Audrey Robitaille, participated in the negotiation and preparation of […]

On October 23, in Optimum Insurance Company Inc. v. National Security Insurance Company1, the Superior Court of Québec reiterated the extent of subrogation by an insurer in the rights of a syndicate of co-ownership. In this case, a fire was caused by an article used for smoking that caught fire near a flowerpot located on […]

On October 31, 2019, in the decision Caron v. 9072 2166 Québec Inc., the Court of Appeal clarified the principle of resolutory condition in connection with servitudes (easements). Context The decision is summarized by the following facts: The appellants sold a portion of their property in 2003 to a purchaser (the “First Purchaser”), who intended […]