Sale of undivided co-ownership rights and new partnership in a major residential real estate project for seniors valued at more than $90M

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Gascon, through Me Nicolas Lanthier, partner, represented Bâtimo Inc. for the sale of undivided co-ownership rights in a major seniors’ housing project located on the South Shore of Montréal, valued at more than $90M. As part of this mandate, Gascon prepared the required documentation in order to buy out the participation of a partner in the project, to negotiate the sale of undivided rights to buyers, to negotiate the new partnership and joint ownership agreements resulting from the transaction and to negotiate the assumption of existing financing agreements following the addition of new partners. As part of its mandate, the real estate, corporate and notarial team of Gascon joined forces with 4 other firms, in addition to the precious collaboration of its client’s in-house lawyers, in order to conclude this major transaction.