Revision of a Declaration of Co-Ownership for a Large Residential Complex

Gascon’s real estate law team, led by Jean Proulx and Louise Bouchard, was mandated to review, modify and recast a declaration of co-ownership for a large residential complex located in Montreal and comprising nearly two hundred co-owned units. To date, Gascon’s work has consisted, among other things, of modifying the Declaration of Co-ownership in order to adapt it to the reform of the law of co-ownership, initiated in 2018, and to add several provisions, including the holding of virtual meetings. The amended version of the draft declaration will be finalized once all the regulations have been adopted, such as the one establishing the terms and conditions for the study of the contingency fund, the maintenance and revision of the maintenance booklet and the syndicate’s attestation on the condition of the co-ownership to be given to a prospective buyer. Once this work is completed, Gascon will be mandated to adapt four other declarations of co-ownership to comply with the new provisions of the Civil Code of Québec.