The Gascon & Associés family would like to pay tribute to Louis B. Gascon, founding partner of the firm that bears his name, who passed away on March 29, 2022. “I am personally very saddened to learn of Louis’ death. Louis was an inspiration to me and to many others. He built a firm of […]

Gascon and Associates is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Notary Mélissa Dion as a member of the legal team in real estate law, and Anouk Chabot (CPA) as the firm’s General Manager. Mélissa has been practising as a notary since 2016 and has focused her activities primarily in real estate, commercial, and co-ownership […]

The prudent acquisition of a building or of land requires that certain important steps be completed, such as the due diligence of the building, including title deeds, leases and other contracts relating to the property. The due diligence can also include an environmental assessment of the land. In cases where the property is used for […]

In the face of escalating war in Ukraine most of eastern Europe is fearful that the armed conflict could escalate and quickly spill across their borders. While greater physical distance provides an illusion of greater safety, it is by no means a stretch to assert that the entire world is apprehensive about the potential direct […]