Gascon, under the aegis of Audrey Robitaille, represented real estate owner and developer Services Immobiliers First Inc., in connection with setting up an agreement for the occupancy of an innovative data center within its real estate development.

This data centre, located in the former convent of the Petites Sœurs de la Sainte-Famille, allows the University of Sherbrooke to operate its ultra-powerful computers and perform high-performance calculations.

The heat generated by this process will be reused to heat the buildings with the help of technology developed by Exaion, a subsidiary of the EDF group, and the implementation of a heat loop.

This global vision involved the efforts of the University of Sherbrooke, Exaion and Energere.

Gascon is proud to have collaborated with its client in a real estate development project that includes concrete actions in energy efficiency and sustainability.

This initiative is part of the large-scale Humano District project, which is in the heart of the City of Sherbrooke, at the foot of the Mont-Bellevue nature reserve and near the university sector.