Most litigation practitioners remember the rule of the former Code of Civil Procedure (“FCCP”) providing that the right to appeal from judgments on the merits of a split proceeding did not arise until the termination of said proceeding: 273.2. No appeal lies from the judgment on the application for the splitting of an action; the […]

As a kick-off to our educational series, we delve into explaining one such crucial industry term, “Zero-Day Exploit.” In the increasingly sophisticated domain of cyber threats, the menace of Zero-Day Exploits has become hard to ignore. This cybersecurity phenomenon is notorious for its potential to create a significant wave of detrimental impacts across the cyber […]

Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a revolutionary technology in recent years and has changed the way the world operates. AI has the ability to automate tasks, analyze vast amounts of data, and make decisions based on the data it receives. As a result, it has been integrated into a wide range of industries, including […]

     I. Canada’s Cyber Defense Agency In 2019, Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (“CSE” hereinafter), was conferred exceptional powers by the Canadian government. They were armed with new offensive powers, allowing them to use cyber operations to defend Canadian interests and disrupt foreign threats preemptively.      II. What is CSE’s mandate? CSE’s mandate is outlined in […]

On April 28, 2022, the Honourable Diane Quenneville of the Court of Québec ruled on the application of the new version of article 1074.2 of the Civil Code of Québec. The case opposed a Syndicate of Co-owners to the owners of a private unit (Syndicat de copropriété Terrasses Le Bourget-1 v. Yassine, 2022 QCCQ 2330), […]

In the face of escalating war in Ukraine most of eastern Europe is fearful that the armed conflict could escalate and quickly spill across their borders. While greater physical distance provides an illusion of greater safety, it is by no means a stretch to assert that the entire world is apprehensive about the potential direct […]

The most recent municipal elections in Quebec brought their share of challenges, and approximately thirty applications for judicial recounts were filed with the Court of Quebec following the November 7 elections. However, notably in the Tannous v. Dreyfuss[1] and Morgan v. Decaluwe[2], the Court reiterated that the right to a judicial recount is not an […]

Gascon’s team is growing with the recent arrival of François Fournier, lawyer, and Trycia Caron, paralegal. Mr. Fournier has several years of experience in Montreal boutique law firms where he practiced Civil and Commercial law, where he successfully defended private entrepreneurs and senior executives of public companies in litigation cases. His areas of expertise have […]

In a recent judgment by the Honourable Daniel Beaulieu, J.C.S., Procureure générale du Québec c. Consultants Aecom Inc. (2021 QCCS 1072), an insurer’s obligation to defend their insured was once again examined by the Court. In 2003, the Claimant, Gervais Dubé Inc. (“Gervais”) had performed work for the Procureur Général du Québec (“PGQ”) and had, […]