[ COVID-19 ]

The federal government announced on April 24, 2020, the establishment of the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance program to support commercial tenants whose operations are disrupted by the COVID-19 …

The Urban Agglomeration Council of Montréal adopted the Regulation determining the territory in which the pre-emptive right can be exercised and on which real estate properties can thus be acquired for social housing purposes (“Règlement déterminant le territoire sur lequel le droit de préemption peut être exercé et sur lequel des immeubles peuvent être ainsi […]

Last June, the Canadian Business Corporations Act was amended to include new provisions regarding the identification of beneficial ownership of federal private corporations. It will soon be the turn of the Québec’s Business Corporations Act (“QBCA”) to undergo profound changes. Legislative measures will be put in force to implement the new requirements of the Québec […]

The Act respecting land use planning and development (hereafter the “Act”) establishes the land use planning and urban planning regime in the province of Québec and confirms, in this regard, the responsibilities of the government, metropolitan communities, regional county municipalities and local municipalities. Articles 227 and following of the Act grant the Superior Court with […]

The Civil Code of Québec allows a creditor in favour of which a Québec court has ruled that a debtor must pay a specific amount to register a legal hypothec on the movable and immovable property of such debtor. The registration notice of such legal hypothec shall indicate, inter alia, the asset charged and the […]


Bill 16 which was adopted by the National Assembly of Québec in December 2019 (the “Bill”) will substantially modify the legislative…

On October 30, 2019, in Restaurant Canada v. Ville de Montréal1, the Québec Superior Court dismissed an application for judicial review by Restaurant Canada, an association of restaurateurs (the “Association”) supported by member franchisors and franchisees operating in fast food industry. The Association requested that the Court declare the zoning illegal by-law restricting the establishment […]

On October 23, in Optimum Insurance Company Inc. v. National Security Insurance Company1, the Superior Court of Québec reiterated the extent of subrogation by an insurer in the rights of a syndicate of co-ownership. In this case, a fire was caused by an article used for smoking that caught fire near a flowerpot located on […]

On October 31, 2019, in the decision Caron v. 9072 2166 Québec Inc., the Court of Appeal clarified the principle of resolutory condition in connection with servitudes (easements). Context The decision is summarized by the following facts: The appellants sold a portion of their property in 2003 to a purchaser (the “First Purchaser”), who intended […]

Data processing and the ensuing need for efficient and secure storage solutions are at the center of most organizations’ business and as a result, the presence of data centers is expected to increase considerably in the coming years. Clients generally use data center services in any of the following manners: i) by concluding a turnkey […]