The use of electronic signatures is constantly growing and is now part of our daily professional lives. This growth was accelerated by the pandemic context in which we continue to assist our clients in their transactions remotely. As a result, we have closed contracts with clients located around the world. Notwithstanding its undeniable convenience, it […]

The Act respecting the Administrative Housing Tribunal (the “Act“) provides that the sale of an immovable that is part of a housing complex is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Administrative Housing Tribunal (the “Tribunal“)[1]. Any owner of residential rental properties should therefore ask themselves whether their properties are part of a housing […]

Bill 37, An Act to amend various legislative provisions mainly with respect to housing, was sanctioned on June 10th.  It amends several Acts, including those in the municipal sector, by amending the Cities and Towns Act and the Municipal Code of Québec.  These amendments allow municipalities, intermunicipal boards and transit authorities the power to acquire […]

On April 28, 2022, the Honourable Diane Quenneville of the Court of Québec ruled on the application of the new version of article 1074.2 of the Civil Code of Québec. The case opposed a Syndicate of Co-owners to the owners of a private unit (Syndicat de copropriété Terrasses Le Bourget-1 v. Yassine, 2022 QCCQ 2330), […]

The Superior Court of Québec rendered an important judgment pertaining to the protection of purchasers of new homes in the case of the Bankruptcy of Bel Habitat inc. In this proceeding, the plaintiffs respectively engaged in preliminary contracts of sale with Bel Habitat Inc. and Bel Habitat 2 Inc. (collectively “Bel Habitat”) pursuant to which […]

On April 15, 2022, modifications to the Civil code of Quebec (“C.c.Q.”)[1] have come in force regarding divided co-ownership insurance and most particularly regarding the constitution of self-insurance fund. Definition In accordance with new article 1071.1 C.c.Q., the self-insurance fund must be established by the syndicate and be affected to following uses: To pay the […]

The prudent acquisition of a building or of land requires that certain important steps be completed, such as the due diligence of the building, including title deeds, leases and other contracts relating to the property. The due diligence can also include an environmental assessment of the land. In cases where the property is used for […]

Gascon’s team is growing with the recent arrival of François Fournier, lawyer, and Trycia Caron, paralegal. Mr. Fournier has several years of experience in Montreal boutique law firms where he practiced Civil and Commercial law, where he successfully defended private entrepreneurs and senior executives of public companies in litigation cases. His areas of expertise have […]

This article is a continuation of a series of previous publications by Me Mélanie Masson, specialist in corporate law within the real estate and transactional law department of Gascon & Associates, L.L.P.. To consult these articles, please follow the following links: The outcomes of the enactment of bill no. 78 an act mainly to improve […]