Businesses registered or required to register with the Québec Enterprise Register (Registraire des entreprises du Québec) (“REQ“), whether they are or not incorporated in Québec, shall, as of March 31, 2023, report to the REQ: (1) the information relating to their ultimate beneficiaries; (2) the date of birth of natural persons related to the enterprise […]

This article is a continuation of a series of previous publications by Me Mélanie Masson, specialist in corporate law within the real estate and transactional law department of Gascon & Associates, L.L.P.. To consult these articles, please follow the following links: The outcomes of the enactment of bill no. 78 an act mainly to improve […]

On June 3, 2021, the Government of Québec passed its Bill 78 An Act mainly to improve the transparency of enterprises, which will effectively amend the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises (the “Act“).     In addition to the information that businesses required to register must currently report to the Québec Enterprise Register (Registraire […]

This article is an update on a BloG article published on August 26, 2019, which dealt with the announcement made by the Québec Minister of Finance to amend the tax legislation and impose certain measures designed to counter aggressive tax planning in the context of the action plan to ensure tax fairness. Among these measures, […]

Last June, the Canadian Business Corporations Act was amended to include new provisions regarding the identification of beneficial ownership of federal private corporations. It will soon be the turn of the Québec’s Business Corporations Act (“QBCA”) to undergo profound changes. Legislative measures will be put in force to implement the new requirements of the Québec […]


On May 13, 2019, the Québec Minister of Finance announced various measures designed to counter aggressive tax planning as part of its Tax Fairness Action Plan.

On June 13, 2019, new rules amending the Canadian Business Corporations Act (“CBCA”), regarding the identification of the beneficial ownership will take effect. Thus, federal private corporations will be required to maintain a register identifying the individuals with significant control of the corporation. The new provisions of the CBCA define an individual with significant control […]

Since the introduction of the transfer duties tax, otherwise known as the “welcome tax”, various exemptions existed for transfers of real estate between 90% closely related persons or entities. 90% closely related means that one party has a 90% or more interest in the other party. However, for some unknown reason, partnerships, general or limited […]

Show me the money!: Canada is the top film location in the world for the combination of tax incentives, film treaties, talent and currency exchange value. With more and more incentives being offered around the globe, financing and producing films require a high level of foresight, creativity and planning. Tax Credits: Canada’s federal and provincial […]