Senior Counsel

Me Lalande is senior counsel with Gascon & Associates, where she has practised for almost 35 years as a partner.

Her practise focuses primarily on real estate and commercial transaction law and real estate financing.

In this capacity, she represented companies working in several fields, including residences for retired persons and health care institutions, as well as various financial institutions as part of the implementation of real estate financing; she has also participated in the development of public-private partnerships for the development of several long term care facilities.

She also advised non-profit corporations dedicated to the social economy and community enterprises.

Very involved in the community, she remains on the board of not-for-profit corporations, including CycloChrome, an organization dedicated to assisting troubled youth by providing them with specialized and unique bike mechanic training in Québec, paired with academic training. CycloChrome works closely with Bixi.

Admission to the Quebec Bar



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