Me Bouchard has acquired extensive experience throughout her years as senior legal counsel for several major financial institutions.

As part of her duties and in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, she participated in numerous financing transactions and the verification of many agreements, movable and immovable securities, opinions on title and corporate opinions. She contributed to the drafting of information guides, including a guide to assist customers to better understand the settling of an estate at the time of the loss of someone close. In addition to her legal practice, she served as a Regulatory Compliance Assistant for a Canadian subsidiary of a major foreign bank and, as such, she conducted ongoing monitoring of the compliance with advice and guidelines from regulatory bodies.

Me Bouchard has been a member of the “Association des Secrétaires et Chefs de contentieux du Québec” since 1993 and, since 1997, she has been a member of a committee of trustees of an important estate.

Admission to the Chambre des notaires du Québec



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