Sander H. Gibson specializes in entertainment law, commercial transactions, as well as arbitration/mediation. In the entertainment world, he focuses primarily on transactions related to feature film, television, and live stage multidisciplinary productions.

As a Chartered Arbitrator since 2005, he hears entertainment and commercial—corporate cases from offices in Montreal and Toronto. He advises parties, attorneys and arbitrators on alternate dispute resolution and risk management matters. As a deal mediator, he works with the parties and their counsel to help them overcome deal negotiation hurdles so that they can conclude new agreements and potentially establish new business relationships.

Sander H. Gibson is Chair of the Chartered Arbitrator Accreditation Committee of the ADR Institute of Ontario, Inc. (since 2011), a commercial roster arbitrator for the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc., an arbitrator for the Independent Film and Television Alliance (Los Angeles, since 2003), and a mediator arbitrator for the Film and Media Panel, World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva, since 2010).

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