We believe in a dynamic Québec, one strengthened by its bold entrepreneurs—women and men like you, who imagine, innovate and create the businesses of the future.

We identify with your ambition and want to see you succeed. We fully understand the challenges you are facing, and know all of the legal aspects involved. More importantly, we believe deeply in the power of collaboration. It’s part of our DNA.

The launch of a business involves multiple steps and considerations. Our well conceived program reflects this reality. Our aim is to combine our know-how with your business vision to help you build a strong legal foundation suited to your reality. Think of us a vehicle for your growth and development.

At Gascon, you will find no rigid model, no reduced hourly rate (provided you meet a minimum number of hours), no extra fees. We are simply here for you, ready to share in your ideas with an approach that carries no unwelcome surprises.

How do we get things started?

With a cordial conversation.

Working together to collaborate and build: a two-year process

We estimate two years are needed to cover all of the legal aspects that go into making the launch of a company and its subsequent operations a success. That is therefore the length of our proposed program. Throughout the process, you will have access to highly qualified legal professionals and two meetings per year. We consider this approach essential for us to learn all about your business and provide you with the guidance you require.

Gascon’s network synergy is also available to help you navigate through the inherent demands of a new business (accounting, HR, marketing, financing, partnerships, etc.) as an additional benefit and support to your company.


1 – Creating the right legal vehicle

Each legal entity has its advantages and drawbacks, be it a sole ownership business, partnership, corporation, non-profit organization or cooperative. It’s not always easy to identify the right option, so we will begin by helping you determine and set up the legal entity that will best enable you to achieve your objectives.

2 – Promoting the growth of your business via targeted contracts

From the moment you create your business, you will be taking a series of actions that are vital to its growth. Whether signing a lease for office space, securing a business partner or collaborator, or making a key acquisition or first sale, all of these transactions have legal implications. We will help you protect your rights, manage your obligations and reduce your risks with targeted, smart, well-structured contracts.

3 – Seeking financing

The main challenge of any start-up company is to find the funding needed to get the project off the ground. We will help you make your way through the associated legal issues, which vary greatly depending on your financing sources, be they family, financial institution or private lender.

4 – Protecting your intellectual property

It is imperative to protect your business’s intellectual property to prevent a competitor from using your name, logo or any other form of intellectual property that distinguishes your company from all the others in the market.


We have developed a selection of turnkey packages to provide you with the flexibility to move forward, based on your company’s needs and pace of growth. In taking this approach, you will be better able to forecast your costs.


Launching a company requires time and thought. This package allows you to start out on solid footing with a legal entity that reflects your immediate needs and forecasts. It can also provide you with a confidentiality agreement to safeguard your project during preliminary discussions with investors, partners or suppliers. Finally, in this digital age, defining the terms of use of your website will better protect you when your site is visited by third parties.

  • Incorporation and legal structure
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Website terms of use
  • Annual updating of corporate book


From the moment a company is founded, financing and growth questions arise. This package offers you personalized guidance in negotiating a financing arrangement with investors or institutional lenders, while providing you with a shareholder agreement that governs the terms of your partnership.

  • Standard agreement between two shareholders
  • Review of a financing offer and associated guarantees


  • Share subscription agreement (financing from non-institutional investors)


Intellectual property is often one of the most important assets a company owns when starting up, and you should protect yours. This package specifically aims to protect your intellectual property via the appropriate channels.

  • Filing of a copyright registration application
  • Filing of a trademark registration application (logo, etc.)


All active companies must have effective, targeted contracts. This package enables you to call on our lawyers and legal professionals for the preparation of two contracts or agreements needed for your activities. Examples include the preparation of an employment contract when a key employee is hired, or of a specific sales or service contract when a new product is launched.

  • Preparation of two standard contracts or agreements from among the following: sales/service agreement, employment contract, agreement between two shareholders, confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreement, transfer of intellectual property, etc.


Are your needs different? Do not hesitate to share them with us. Together, we can build a package that will fit your business like a glove. For example, your customized package might include the following components:

  • Incorporation and legal structure (including standard share capital with several share classes)
  • Incorporation of a non-profit organization (NPO)
  • Incorporation of a cooperative
  • Review of a financing offer and associated guarantees
  • Filing of a trademark application and protection of logos
  • Terms of use for a website
  • Share subscription agreement (financing from non-institutional investors)
  • Standard agreement between two shareholders
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Lease
  • Service agreement
  • Employment contract
  • Non-competition and/or non-solicitation agreement
  • Colocation agreement (data centre)
  • User license
  • Transfer of intellectual property

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