Yves Chabot


Yves Chabot represents companies and individuals involved in litigation in civil and commercial matters, in real estate law, as well as in individual labor relations.
A versatile litigator, Me Chabot provides his clients with extensive experience in conflict resolution and representation before judicial and administrative tribunals.

His career has allowed him to see how conflicts often bring into play not only material and financial considerations, but also social, personal, and family repercussions, something which he takes into account when fulfilling his duty to advise his clients.
Therefore, he favors an open and dynamic relationship with them through all the steps taken to assert their rights, while carefully addressing the legal and strategic aspects specific to each case.

Along with his practice and to deepen his critical thinking, Me Chabot became interested in the relationship between ethics and the law. He holds a master’s degree in bioethics, he has taught students at all university cycles and he sat on various ethics committees, including as a member of the Comité d’éthique de santé publique du Québec where he contributed to the development and application of a value-based decision-making process in a multidisciplinary context.

Admission to the Quebec Bar



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